Our Services

Wealth Management Infrastructure


Review the clients’ overall current position and understand what the family is trying to achieve in order to ensure continuity and sustainability.  Define family relationships and specific roles.  Advice on a disciplined approach towards governance strategy.

Family Charter and
Generational Planning

Engage the clients’ family to consider selecting the bylaws that will shape the future of their enterprise.  Advice on succession planning with preparation, qualifications and electing their future leadership.

Establishment of
Family Office

Helping clients’ set up their family offices to separate and manage the family holdings.  Advice on selection of jurisdiction, define strategy and objectives,  introduce governance and procedures.

Trust and Fiduciary Services

Asset Ring Fencing

Advice families on asset ring fencing, selection of suitable structures in the right jurisdiction to ensure protection, privacy and tax efficiency.

Administration of Structure

Assist clients with selection of best of breed fiduciary service providers in highly rated jurisdictions to establish and run the administration of the structure.

Protector & Board of Directors Representation

Provide clients with independent directorship and act as a Protector within a trust structure and monitor the performance of the Trustee.

Investment Committee Advisory

Client Profiling

Collate the clients’ needs and objectives to set out the investment strategy and policies.

Investment Decision Making Process

Advice on formulating the Investment Committee with members of the family.  Insure alignment of family’s members in the investment decision making process.

Selection of Investment Managers

Assist in the selection of best of breed Investment Managers. Bench mark investment returns, monitor and evaluate the managers performance.